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What is P.A.C.E.?

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Why P.A.C.E.?

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Where regular schools struggle to provide flexibility and adapt to the intensive training, competition and performance requirements that are demanded of high performance athletes, we excel. You need a flexible learning schedule that works around your routine – we get that.

Navigate (NIDES), as one of BC’s premier online learning institutions, has a long history of supporting high performance athletes, dancers and youth doing specialized training. We know that the standard courses seldom reflect these student’s unique passions and interests. Enter PACE!

PACE gives students the freedom and flexibility to make their education work for them, with four distinct options for high performance students:

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Four Options
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1) Take Specialized P.A.C.E. Courses

Curriculum Designed for High Performance Athletes (Grades 10-12)

Students register for one or more of our unique PACE courses (core or electives) in grades 9-12 and apply these credits towards their graduation program at their home school or as full time PACE students at Navigate (NIDES).
These courses include:

Career Life Education for Athletes: Career Life Education is a required course for graduation and takes the place of Planning 10. This course has a particular focus in blending athletic perspectives into career and post-secondary planning.

Physical Education 10, 11, 12: Through this series of unique 20 week, four credit courses, students complete the provincial learning outcomes for Physical Education 10 (required), as well as PE 11 & 12 (electives), by documenting their existing training and competition/performance program

PACE Applied Skills 11: This course focuses on the development of a personal website to highlight and communicate your training plans, resume, a portfolio of achievements, major interests, training background and strategies for promotion to recruiters, scouts and schools

PACE Independent Directed Studies 10-12: Go deep into a subject that reflects your passion in sports and performance. These two or four credit IDS courses are co-designed by the student and allow for in depth research and understanding of a topic with the support and guidance of a teacher

Sports & Entertainment Marketing 11: A four credit elective course that introduces students to the marketing fundamentals behind professional sports and entertainment, and directly shapes the lives of athletes and performers in these multi-billion dollar global industries

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2) Full-Time P.A.C.E. Student Athlete @ Navigate

Students register full time with Navigate (NIDES) in the PACE program and complete all of the required and elective courses from grades 9-12 with the school, AND GRADUATE with us!!

• Allows maximum flexibility for the students and parents to tailor learning around training and competition cycles each year. Students can complete one course at a time or as many as they would like to take when they would like to take them; advancing the student towards their high school graduation goals

• Students take one or more of our specialized PACE courses to personalize their learning and extend their preparation for post-secondary programs

• PACE full time students have the added support of our dedicated PACE Teacher and Counsellor to ensure that your are making the most of your training and academic schedule and staying on track to meet your training and graduation goals

• Navigate (NIDES) offers a full slate of required and elective courses (Grades 8-12), based on the BC Curriculum and Graduation Program. Working with the PACE Counsellor at the school, students and parents create a specialized “Learning Plan” that maps out the learning journey and sequence of courses to create the best fit around individual training and completion cycles.

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3) Take Navigate Cross-Enrolled Courses Year Round

(Grades 8-12)

Students continue to attend their regular middle or high school, but register with Navigate to take one or more courses (Grades 9-12) with Navigate PACE. Students complete either the required core academic and/or elective courses all year round including the summer months

• Free up your training and competition time in one semester or every day all year round

• Go to our website for specific information on our 8-9 and 10-12 cross enrolled courses –

• You can take Navigate grade 8-12 courses year round, including the summer. Our teachers, counsellors and support staff are here to assist you and help you complete your courses

4) Career Mentoring – Triple Play Athletics

Scholarship Guidance for Athletes and Parents

TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS is an independent academic and athletic consulting company that provides comprehensive Athletic Planning, Preparation and Promotional workshops for families and athletes to assist them in developing the knowledge, skills, behaviours and habits that will allow them to reach their full potential as a high performance athlete.

Through a series of specialized workshops, TPA founder, Bill Green (Retired Principal, SD 71), works with athletes and their parents to optimize their athletic, academic and scholarship potential. For more information, please see Triple Play Athletic’s website.

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Our Team

Britt Hanson

Britt Hanson

P.A.C.E. Teacher

I have lived on Vancouver Island for my entire life and am currently living and playing in Cumberland, B.C. I grew up in the Comox Valley (how lucky am I!?) playing every sport under the sun and not a day goes by that I am not out exploring.

I currently teach at Navigate as a blended learning teacher and I love watching my high school students follow their dreams as they learn to turn their passion into paycheques. I am currently a Masters of Educational Technology student at UBC and this has helped me to design online courses tailored to the needs of PACE students.

In my "freetime", I love to read, write, travel and am an avid runner, mountain biker, hiker, mountain enthusiast and crossfitter, and I feel most comfortable when I am working up a sweat! I truly understand the world of competitive athletes and those who find joy in pushing their limits and am excited to help you pursue your biggest dreams and goals through PACE!

Bill Green

Bill Green

Triple Play Athletics

With a rich background and experience in the world of sports and education, Bill Green understands what it takes for student athletes to take their academic and athletic careers to the college/university level.

As an athlete, coach, peak performance consultant and a strong advocate for active, healthy lifestyles at the provincial and national levels, Bill has dedicated much of his life to helping athletes fulfill their dreams. As the founder of Triple Play Athletics, Bill has worked with over one thousand athletes and families, helping them design their lives around their goals.

As a physical educator and school principal, Bill understands the school system and the needs of student athletes. Most importantly however, as a parent, Bill helped his own son navigate the college recruiting process and achieve his ultimate goals of playing Major League Baseball and for Canada’s National team.

Bill’s vision, along with the entire PACE ACADEMY TEAM is to provide student athletes and parents with an outstanding academic program that is meshed with the rigors of achieving athletic potential.

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What Student Athletes are saying about P.A.C.E.

“The PACE Planning 10 Athlete course inspired and motivated me because it allowed me time at school to work on my goals as a student athlete. Every student athlete should take this course!”

Thomas Green Grade 10 - Mark Isfeld

“I found the PACE Independent Directed Study course to be extremely helpful in allowing me to design my education around my goals as a student athlete. Having the ability to design a course that met my personal needs was amazing and I would certainly recommend it to student athletes looking to get to the next level.”

Ben Swing Grade 11 - Mark Isfeld

“Having the time and flexibility at school to develop a plan to prepare myself to be promoted to colleges and universities was so helpful. As a very busy student athlete it is hard to find the time to fit everything in so being able to use PACE Academy courses was fabulous. As a result, I have received a full ride scholarship at a university of my dreams.”

Abigail RigsbyGrade 12 - GP Vanier

What P.A.C.E. can do for you

Flexible Learning Schedule

Sometimes you have time to study, sometimes you don’t.  We’ll help you make the most of your available time by tailoring your study schedule to work for you.

We’re open year round to support you.

Learning @ your PACE

Online courses with Navigate PACE allows learning at any time, in any place, on any path, and at any own pace.

No other school offers this kind of flexibility and personalization.

Support All Year Round

Our PACE staff will ensure you thrive in your learning, and graduate with courses that are relevant.  When you need support, counselling or academic – we are here.

Our partnership with Triple Play Athletics ensures you get the very best of advice and preparation to advance your athletic career into college, university and beyond.

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